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In 1963, the Japan Choral Directors Association (JCDA) prompted developments that have been of benefit across the choral world, through the unity of choir conductors and advancement of technique.

All its energies have been devoted to nurturing a flourishing choral world for our nation, and much has been achieved through the organization of all kinds of concerts, study groups, lectures, seminars, and a variety of activities such as the publishing of musical scores and other materials. We would like to expand these activities further to contribute to both the wider world of music and to society in general, and thus undertake a significant role in the world's music scene.

Presidents of the Board of Trustees

1st・4th President
Sassa Kinji
March 1964〜
March 1975 (reinstated)〜
7th President
Furuhashi Fujio
January 2004〜
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2nd President
Muratani Tatsuya
March 1967〜
8th President
Simizu Keiiti
January 2012〜
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3rd・5th President
Sekiya Shin
March 1971〜
January 1992 (reinstated)〜
9th President
Simizu Akira
January 2016〜
6th President
Tsuji Masayuki
January 1994〜
10th President
Keita Najima
January 2022〜
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