JCDA Choral Festival


◆"JCDA Choral Festival Choral Festival in Hokutopia~"

This is the festival for all those who love choral music. There are many exciting concerts and interesting workshops for three days, and we have many splendid guests from home and abroad. It is one of the best choral festivals produced by JCDA, Japan Choral Directors Association, which no chorus fan should miss. 




The Concert Series in the Cathedral


The Concert Series in the Cathedral

We have started the first one in 1999 and then as follows:

  • Vol.1 Christmas 1999
  • Vol.2 The Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • Vol.3 Requiem
  • Vol.4 Christmas
  • Vol.5 Christmas
  • Vol.6 Christmas
  • Vol.7from Passion to Resurrection
  • Vol.8Requiem
  • Vol.9Christmas

We will have the tenth concert this year.

We have organized this concert series with a concept to have a performance at the exact place where the sacred music should be done. Please have a good time to listen to the sacred music in the St. Mary’s Cathedral, which is very modern and have a mystic atmosphere.

As for the details of the concert Vol.10, please go to [Event information][the Concert Series in the Cathedral vol.10